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there and in washington, d.c.
of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream. >> good morning from washington. it's friday august 23, 2013. i'm chuck todd. this is a special edition of "the daily rundown." we're looking ahead to the 50th anniversary of that famous 1963 march on washington. for many americans, 50 years ago feels like yesterday. but of course for millions of others, including myself who weren't even born yet, in an ironic way, the grand memorial of granite and marble that now stands might make that history feel more distant. particularly for many young people today. we remember dr. king's march as an historical event. through grainy film and archive photos. but for each of us, those four words, "i have a dream," have a different and special renaissanreno sans. since then, every political protest in this country has borrowed from what the leaders of the march on washington for jobs and freedom were able to achieve. tomorrow, thousands will retrace their steps. next week, president obama will mark the 50th anniversary of the march with a speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. i
driving the politics and gridlock in washington with two authors and veteran political journalists: robert draper and mark leibovich. >> you do wonder, when people are in office, when people are in power, who are they really working for? are they in it to serve the public good, or are they in it for self-service? >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> suarez: president obama took aim at the soaring cost of college today with an ambitious plan to rate schools and link tuition prices to federal financial aid. >> a higher education is the single best investmen
inmigracion entonces no dudaba, no tenia razon para dudar." claudia uceda/ washington, d. c. esta tecnica es muy comun entre estafadores, se llama caller id spoofing o engano de identificador de llamadas. basicamente lo que hace es registrar en su celular el numero del servicio de inmigracion y ciudadania." sin decir cifras de cuantos casos existen, uscis investiga de costa a costa...mientras, el gobierno tiene un mensaje contundente de alerta para el publico: cuelgue el telefono. joanne ferreira/portavoz del servicio de ciudadania e inmigracion (uscis) "cualquier contacto de la agencia viene directamente por escrito y viene en papel oficial. es una cosa oficial, no viene por telefono. nunca se le va a pedir a nadie un pago por telefono." y, si bien es cierto que muchos ya tienen sus respuestas en el caso que reciban estas llamadas... maria velasquez/inmigrante "le diria que me presente los papeles y que lo voy a averiguar." juana salomon/inmigrante "indagar si verdaderamente esa llamada viene de inmigracion." hay aquellos que no saben como reportarlo. eliseo garcia/inmigrante "no creo que
no washington. mike let's talk about this million stone of a million children as refugees. anyone can relate to a child. is there anything knows a volatile situation there. in kurdistan as we have just heard where the kurds control the area there is a danger of cross-border violence, so not a great situation -- a horrible situation, obviously. the united states so far has donated $1 billion. the state department will be quick to tell you that is more than any other nation, but donating $1 billion towards the refugees, richelle. >> let'sinternational cooperation to address what is happening. i'm going to read you a brief quote. mccain. >> so the debate will continue. mike viqueira thank you so much. >>> at least 29 people are dead and 350 injured after two bombs exploded outside of two mosques. al jazeera is on the ground in the section of tripoli where the second blast occurred. >> reporter: two mosques were targeted in the northern city of tripoli. behind me you can see the destruction and carnage. there is a lot of chaos here. people are angry and upset. we believe they were car bombs and
in the 1963 march on washington remember the events of that day in a discussion hosted by the martin luther king, jr. memorial library in washington, d.c. this is an hour 30 minutes. >> when our archivist suggested that i conduct oral histories with people that attended the march, i jumped at the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of the days that i, like many of you, had only known about in books, photos and media reflections. i was curious about literal and other journeys that people took to get to the lincoln memorial on that hot august day in 1963. we put out a call for people it into the march to be interviewed and the panelists here today were the first to answer that call. it is important to note that this is the beginning of an ongoing project and derek and our collection not only oral histories but also memorabilia and other artifacts from the march to the washingtonian the community archive. two of the panelists, peter bailey and doctor ella kelly were right under my nose as their regular attendees to the black studies lecture series that takes place in the black study center
which found the unemployment rate went up in 28 state and declined in eight states. "washington journal" is next. >> the president's plan to try to keep college more affordable is already getting some reaction from capitol hill. we might have to weigh in. some are in support and some are critical saying the new ranging system that the president put out is arbitrary. meantime college can cost up to $30,000 year on average now for some folks and the debt load students carrying can be the same amount. with that background is the cost of college worth it? that's the question for you this friday morning. republicans call 202-585-3881, democrats 202-585-3880 and independents 202-585-3882. look forward to your calls and also your participation by social media. you can send us a tweet at twitter @c-span wj. you can also send an e-mail is the cost of college worth it? allen writes, it used to be but right now it slightly losing steam. now people that are caught with a minimum of expectations while being strapped with a new burden of paying back the loan making short m
at a march on washington event at union temple church in d.c. d.c friends say he was a mediator within the community and had plans to run for commissioner. >> events commemorating the 50th anniversary on the march on washington go full steam today. >> memorial circle will remain r open unless it need it's be closed for pedestrian safety tomorrow. participates are encouraged to take public transportation to the march and ral i. why another rally held tomorrow, the d.c. statehood and self determination march and >> the mayor was among those in attendance at freedom applausall activities gathering at the d.c. war memorial at 9:00 tomorrow t morning and then they'll head to the lincoln memorial at 9:30 for the march. ahead of the anniversary of the march the post office will release a new forever stamptamp today. the big reveal will be made on o facebook and actress gabrielle union will be on that event. >> all right. here is a question for you. were you at the march on washington? do you have family members therm or friends who were there? we'll even share your story with us. sen
of been explored in every administration i have seen in washington since the 1980's. >> we will take one or two more calls, and then wrap things up with our guest. these -- caller: lobbyists, i think they ought to be outlawed. is just bribery, if you think about it. it is just bribery, paying off the politicians, putting money in their pockets for what their goal is, not the people's goal. that is what i have to say. host: is there any aspect of this we have not talked about that you want to bring up, anything else we should know? guest: not really. i think it has been good to hear the opinions of people in the real world about this, and about the presidential stuff. it gives us something to think about. guest: maybe it is something we can think about. the reuters washington bureau chief. thank you for your time. >> we take you live now to dublin, new hampshire. this is a fundraiser with texas senator ted cruz, one of the candidates we might see run for president in 2016. the chair of the new hampshire gop will introduce senator kelly ontte, and then we will move to ted cruz's remarks. t
it to the ground. because of risk with lightning, almost all of washington, oregon and really almost the whole state of idaho under red flag fire warnings. not only because the winds will gust, driving the fires along, but because the lightning is a big concern today for possibly sparking new fires, given that the ground is just so dry. now as beget to the weekend, because we did make it to friday, of course, we are going to see the heat return to the midwest. the front that just passed through has cooled things down into the northeast, so a comfortable 80 degrees in new york. as we get into sunday, remember that heat i was talking about? going back from the 80's into the 90's in minnesota. that is going to be a hot one. the front that went through is continuing to push across, so drier humidity as we head into the northeast. the southeast has dried out significantly, as well. the moisture in this area is mostly going to be off the coastline. there is a little bit of a disturbance there. you can see that monsoon heading toward the southwest. not too many concerns in terms of flooding in the so
, who is we, washington, when they don't let a camera around. there is so much money here, life is good >> john: we start with myth number 7 because americans are so fat it's government's job to help us eat better. >> changing old habits is never easy. >> john: no, it's not. so the first lady says to change behavior. >> it's going to take government doing its part. >> john: if michelle obama wants to inspire us by exercising on the white house lawn, that is great but with government it's force. >> this is not banning what you are buying but simply the size of the cup that can be used. >> john: in my hometown, they are upset about big cups of soda. they want big cups illegal. >> this is biggest thing to curb esity. >> john: i can buy two of these, that is 32 ounces around i can buy one of these. how does this curb obesity? >> my mayor is proud he has forced every chain restaurant to clearly post calorie koonth. >> there were few skeptics but now they are national models. >> john: that sadly that true. under obamacare all big chains will have to post calorie counts even though they don't
of converging -- thousands are converging on the nation's capital to reenact the famous march on washington. tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary. we sat down with one family who wrote the bus to d.c. on that day in 1963. chambers still remember's the song she sang 50 years ago. ♪ songs that served as the soundtrack of her experience and thousands of others on the march on washington. ♪ oh freedom she kept her music sheet and plenty of other memorabilia. like his organizing manual featuring the event lineup. and other icons of the civil rights movement. she made sure she had her front seat. >> i was standing down from where the speaker was. i was so tickled because it could look right up and see him. he was eloquent. he was not pushy. it was a tremendous experience because like you say there was a certain tension because of what could happen. there was such track quality and peace you could not believe it. >> hannah was only 30 when she heard dr. king speak your -- her e. one and herfeeling family to witness that pivotal moment. -- not the only one in her family to witness that pivotal m
that changed america forever. the march on washington. august 28th, 1963. people of all races, regular people from all walks of life marching against injustice, marching to change history. a day when the voices of the movement echoed across america. >> we are of a massive moral revolution. >> how long can we be patient? we want our freedom and we want it now. >> a call to action and a call for peace. the words that inspired a people, a nation, and the entire world. >> free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last. >> tonight, a special two-hour edition of "politicsnation." the march on washington. the dream continues. >> good evening. i'm al sharpton live from the lincoln memorial here on the national mall. 50 years ago hundreds of thousands of people stood where i am. right now watching history. millions more watching at home seeing the leaders of the civil rights movement, call for justice and equality. powerful speeches and powerful music from singers like lahalia jackson, bob dylan. tonight we'll hear those voices. we'll also hear from congressman john lewis. i talk t
bates. and congressional reporter, sahil kapur. joining me from washington is nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, you talked recently about the march on washington. why don't you tell us about that. >> reporter: washington, d.c., in the summer of 1963 was more than a little nervous about the prospect of a big civil rights march coming to the city, and that worry extended from the president on down, a fear that if it went badly, it could derail the efforts to pass the nation's most important civil rights law. ♪ it's easy to see now why the march on washington is celebrated as a landmark in the civil rights movement. it helped to shape public opinion after decades of struggle, says todd perdom, author of a forth coming book about that period. >> i think it's probably the single most important public demonstration in america of any kind. >> reporter: america in 1963 was deeply segregated. something as simple as taking the bus meant separate waiting rooms for blacks. in the spring the nation had watched as police in birmingham, alabama, aimed fire hoses and set dogs on children
. >>> mike viqueira joins us on the phone from washington to talk more about the situation? syria, more about what the options are for intervention. mike we hear about this awful situation with the children. with the children being refugees, right? let's talk about what the options are. the president has made it abundantly clear, and continues to reiterate that boots on the ground are not an option, could you elaborate about that? >> reporter: the president had an interview this morning where he gave a number of reasons why that was not an option. and his spokesman spoke with reports a few minutes ago, and he said the president indicated very clearly he did not foresee a situation in which american boots on the ground would be in the best interest of national security. he repeated it three times, richelle. this after the interview where the president said that the images that came out of syria were very troublesome, and core national interests are at stake, he said. however, he is emphasizing the need for international cooperation, and the president clearly saying his belief that there is war
look for answers at the seats of power. washington where they don't want our camera around but there's so much moneyh here goo life is good. >> once people come to washington d.c. they never leave. >> from the fox news headquarters in new york york, john stossel. >> we stop with this because americans are so fat it is government's job to help us eat better.ab >> changing all hold have this is not easy the first lady says to change behaviorov >> government has to do its p part is michelle obama wantse to inspire us to exercise ofpi the white house lawn, that is great but that usually means force but simply the size of the cup could be used. >> might mayor is upset about big cups of soda heth wants this size made it illegal. >> it is the biggest step to curb obesity. >> please. i could fill two of these or2 i could go to the supermarket to buy one of. these. how does this curb obesity? he is also proud he has forced every chain restaurant to clearly postlear >> there were more than a few skeptics but most arel recognized as national models. >> sadly that is true now b they all have to
jail next, matt. >> good morning, everyone it is a big weekend on the march on washington. fifty years later, already a festival. i am matt ackland, we'll have the latest coming up. >> this is "fox 5 morning news." ♪ >> it is great to great to wake up to 6:00 august 23rd, friday. lovely look at the skies over washington, d.c. as the sun comes up, getting ready for a big weekend. good morning, i am a sarah simmons. >> i am wisdom martin. it is tgi friday and big john spinning the tunes. nice variety going this morning. >> i agree. >> we are loving it. >> this is great. we had sinatra. >> little marvin gay, now country music. >> i can't remember who it is. it is going to drive me crazy. everybody knows this song. >> we are going to chat with him later in the show. >> let's chat with tucker on our forecast. >> good morning. sunrise, threat of storms early. beautiful afternoon and beautiful evening across the area as the nice cool air sets in. >> you said "cool air" -->> you can't do that, i only have 10 seconds. radar, shower activity. come back in a couple of minutes. reagan nati
. if this is a strategy what is the strategy? >> lindy is an old roommate from mine of washington, d.c. and i've had several discussions with him that both of us disagree on. the strategy has to be this. my concern friends will get mad a at me i do agree with governor rendell. we have to talk about the issues important to the country and say how do we get real solutions and conservative principles and take this to this administration and the democrats that control the senate to get things done. talking about these issues like an impeachment that are not going to happen doesn't help that agenda and it doesn't help us, not only in policy on, but it doesn't help us in politics next november. >> always a pleasure, gentlemen. have a fantastic weekend. >> you too, craig. >>> president obama is on the road again today to promote his plan to make higher education more affordable. day two of his bus tour takes him to binghamton. followed by a stop at a college in scranton, pennsylvania. catch his town hall here on msnbc at 12:45 today. remember we are hours away from the expected resignation of san diego may
the investigation as the young victim recovers in hospital. >>> coming up on al jazeera, a march in washington. thousands are heading to our nation's capitol to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the i have a dream speech. >>> and i'll have the national forecast coming up. >>> welcome back. celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington kick uf tomorrow in the nation's capitol. on wednesday president obama will speak on the steps of the lincoln memorial, where martin luther king delivered his i have a dream speech. >> i have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have a dream -- >> thousands are heading to the capitol to attend the rally. robert ray is joining some of those travelers on the road from tallahassee. >> reporter: good morning, richelle. a very steamy morning here. i feel like perhaps i should be dressed like these folks with t-shirts on. a they are stopping here for a quick break, and inspired by martin luther
ago police in washington state releasing surveillance video surveillance photos of two suspects in the fate beating of a world war ii veteran who was wounded in the battle of okinawa. the murder victim, 88-year-old delbert boughton, spokane washington police say two teens beat him to death last night. they attacked him in a parking lot of an ice arena. officers found the victim in his car. he had serious head injuries and later died. police are now looking for two suspects. anyone with information on this crime is asked to call police. we're going to bring you more on this breaking news story as we get it. >>> right now, another unthinkable crime. >> one of the perps claims to have knocked out five white people since the zimmerman trial. very happy and proud about it. same guy claims that 90% of whites are nasty, and he hates them. but it is your host, rush limbaugh, who injected race into this story. >> i can tne of them have said, the one that is talking said, we were bored. we wanted something to do. we wanted to kill somebody. >> we saw in social media allegedly linked to on
. .. with the president to announce plans for the march on washington. in support of the civil rights act. >> june 12th, 1963 as everest was returning home for the naacp meeting member byron shot him in his driveway as he was getting out of his car. evers was killed instantly. ♪ ♪ >> randolph and fellow americans , the national urban league is honored to be a participant in this historic occasion. our presence here reflects not only the civil rights communities increasing the awareness of the urban league, but most important it says and i hope what and clear that while intelligence, maturity and strategy dictates a civil rights agency we use different methods and we are all united as never before on the goal of first class citizenship. >> to present to you the moral leader of the nation. i have the pleasure to present to you dr. martin luther king. [applause] i am happy to join with you today what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. [applause] five years ago, a great american in the shadow we stand today signed the emancipation proclamatio
on washington. >> you could be impacted by the traffic changes, fox 5's matt ackland woke up early this morning, allison. >> i love matt ackland. >> he is live. >> good morning, matt. it is >> reporter: what a beautiful weekend it will be to celebrate this anniversary of such an important piece of history. if you are coming to the city early, there is something for you to do, this is west potomac park, that is where the global freedom festival will get underway at noon. we can show you a list of what is taking later on realize the dream rally tomorrow morning, worship service on sunday at howard university. wisdom, you brought up the traffic issue. folks are saying if you can get by public transit. it is good to know the memorial bridge will be closed 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. the arlington circle should stay open unless there is an issue for pedestrians. by the way, we wanted to tell you the post office is going to be commemorating this march as they release a new forever stamp today. big reveal will take place on facebook. we are told it is a mosaic made of photos across the nation. especially to
weiss of "washington post" wrote a column good man, mad culture. >> honestly could go a long way changing player attitudes. >> fletcher says he is hurt and his head is not right and needs more tests then every guy onn ev that roster will say this is a guy we look up to. >> not having symptoms right now! >> in 2011 virginia passed strict guidelines to protectli playersne from concussion whichn educators say affected brain functions. >> there is no helmet that we know of that prevents concussion. >> it does not exist. >>> nfl has its own web site. nfl evolution to promote safety changes including a warning to players to never ignoregno concussion symptoms. >> we still have to be smart as players and protect ourselves. >> back in 2009, the nfl successfullily fought back an effort on capitol hill to strip of the anti-trust exemptionnt afteri- complaints rose it was ignoring concussion issues and that came in the wake of a michigan study that a thousand former nfl player had higher rates of memory related illnesses causing alzheimer's disease and dementia. >> will? >> thank you. y >>
. washington journal starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. enjoy your friday. we will see you back here tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. ♪ >> president obama continues his two bus tour focusing on education issues. yesterday he spoke in syracuse. town hall holding a meeting. live coverage at 12:45. most of the presidents tour -- vice president biden is expected to join president obama at lackawanna college. yesterday's first stop, hisident obama revealed plan to control college costs. >> let me talk about these briefing. our first priority. providing better value for students. making sure parents and taxpayers are getting what we -- what they paid for. there going to lead development to trade a better system for the college year. a lot of colleges are encouraged andnc. -- gaining numbers it is rewarding them on raising cost. i think we should reward colleges based on opportunity. are they helping students? on their value to students and parents -- that means metrics like how much debt does the average student leave with? how easy is it to pay off? how many students graduate on time? how well do those gra
is adjusting to life in washington with the exception of one thing. >> a break -- >> on "cbs this morning." >> pope benedict tosaid god tol him to retire. i was thinking it's a good thing god's not talking to alex rodriguez. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. good morning, gayle. >> good morning, charlie. >> we begin with the wildfire outside yosemite park, growing at an alarming rate. 1 it is one of 55 major wildfires burning in the western united states. >> our sacramento station is west of yosemite. you've been covering this region for years. have you ever seen anything like this? >> reporter: i have not. residents around here haven't either. they said it's been since 1987 they've seen a fire even approaching something like this, that this one is burning much more quickly and much stronger as well. about 300 hopes evacuated after governor brown declared a state of emergency in california. the rim fire, burning about a week or so, remains only 1% contained. firefighters worked through the night to battle the flames. in the last 24 hours, the fire nearly quadruple
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the federal budget generally has been a political football in washington. partly this came out of the financial crisis. we had a terrible crisis. we had to immediately pump money into the system to prevent a great depression, so we cut taxes for middle class families, we initiated programs to rebuild our roads and our bridges, we helped states so they won't have to layoff as many teachers and firefighters and police officers, and that's part of the reason why we avoided a depression, although we still had a terrible recession. but the combination of increased spending and less revenue meant that the deficit went up. and by the time the republicans took over the house in 2011, they had made this a major issue. and understandably a lot of families said we're having to tighten our belts, the federal government should too. although part of what you want the federal government to do when everyone else is having a hard time is to make sure that you're providing additional support. as the economy has improved, the deficit has gone down. it's dropped at the fastest rate in 60 years. i
they must be unanimous on one of the 13 counts of pre-meditated murder. >> elizabeth bran live in washington thank you. >>> former egyptian president mub mubarak will now be under house arrest at a military hospital outside of cairo. the 85-year-old was forced out of power during the 2011 up rising. >> brand new developments in the crisis in syria. they have sent a top pofficial. they have the sites of three other attacks. the syrian government is denying any involvement. many are suspicious including the obama administration. they killed more than a thousand people including children. >> wildfire outside of yosemite national park is now being described. ju jerry brown now calling a state of emergency. 268 homes in a nearby neighborhood have been evacuated and hundreds of tourists have been ordered to leave the area. that fire is one percent contained and 50 this as 50 percent of major fires burning across the person part of the country. >> hail pounding the denver area making it look like a winter wonderla wonderland. several golf ball sized hail. >> they are putting a height under an over
that at 4:00 p.m. , and events-span2 marking the 50th anniversary of the march on washington continue saturday. 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, and also on c-span radio. majorws this hour that nip out's has been convicted in hassan has been convicted in the murder of 13 people and wounded more than 30 others at the texas military base. also in news, a report that congress will hold a gold medal ceremony for the victims of the birmingham bombing in that ceremony when they come back tuesday, september 10. our coverage ahead of the 50th anniversary of the march on our she did this weekend includes coverage today from the national urban league. we will have a complete program later, but here is a look at what they talked about earlier today. inin june, the supreme court their calculated decision to keep us from voting, to keep ups from the voting booth, was determined, as determined by the highest court of our land. the supreme court we have come to understand that we cannot count on to protect our rights or to respect the constitution that guarantees all our rights. constitution the that is
now begins a public fight to be accepted as a female. in washington, i'm daniel lee. >>> southern kraechlt teenager hannah anderson thanks the people that rescued here when she was kidnapped. >> i want to thank the horseman and the amber alert and the sheriff and the fbi. >> she spoke exclusively to the today show about her relationship with her, duck tore, dimaggio. the rampage began in the san diego neighborhood of boulevard whether he killed hannah's mother and breesh and set the house on fire afterwards. investors revealed they found letters from hannah in dimaggio's destroyed home. >> in the letters were from like a year ago when me and my mom were not getting along. me and him would talk about how to deal with it and i would tell him how i felt about it and he helped me through it. they were not anything bad. they were to help me through tough times. >> police in idaho killed dimaggio in a shootout. the full interview son our website, all you have to do is search hannah anderson. >>> a million of anything, even something small, address up to a lot so imagine
occurred. kimberly al jazeera, washington. >> chemical weapons expert believes the inspectors will find it difficult to investigate the case. >> well, it's probably unlikely, it's sad, there are 30 minutes away from where this atrosity happened but taken three months to get in and actually the current task of looking for evidence will be very difficult because i expect the evidence would have gone. however, if they can get there and it's not a very -- i spoke to journalists getting in yesterday and fighting with snipers but if the u n inspection team can get in they have the capability, experience and equipment to find this and workout exactly what chemical was used and hopefully the delivery means which would lead to who actually perpetrated this asroticity. >> the operator of the fukushima nuclear plant failed to properly monitor the storage tanks that are leaking radio active water. al jazeera's is in the outside of one of the explosion zones around the fukushima nuclear plant. anita, what is japan's nuclear regulation authority, nra, what are they saying about all of this? >> report
a washington's driver's license. pg&e is out here right now. this is is 101 southbound. so traffic does not seemed to be impacted at this point. everything is off to the shoulder. that is as far as we know. we will keep you updated. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> also this morning we are keeping a close eye on the fire from yosemite. that fire has already burned more than 63,000 acres. now firefighters say they are losing ground. claudine wong joins us. >> reporter: over night has been a critical time for these crews. crews have been out all night trying to get ahead of this fire. when cal fire lost talked their crew they were hoping for containment overnight because the fire lays down over night. we should get an update to see if they were able to make fres i want to you you -- the so- called rim fire has tripled in size in the past few days. it's burned more than $63,000 acres. containment has slipped from 5% to 1%. the fire has destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. >> it is what it is. yeah. >> are you prepared your home might be gone when you go back? >> yes.
. from washington, this is inside story. [♪ music ] >> welcome, i'm libby casey. a comin college education in the united states costs more than anywhere else in the world. despite the high bill american colleges are slipping in the international rankings. on thursday president obama introduced a plan that he says will help make college for affordable. >> i'm proposing major new reforms that will shake up the current system, create better incentives for colleges to do more with less, and deliver better value for students and their families. >> so what would the president's plan mean for american students and their future? we put that question to a recent graduate. fiona who lives in washington, d.c. told us her story. >> i am 29 years old. i have an undergraduate degree in ecology, which is just a branch of biology and then a masters in environmental science and management, and between those two i have a total of $85,000 in student loan debt. >> what does that mean for monthly payments. >> monthly payment versus varied depending on how much i knew about the payment plans available
" reporting from washington. president obama says the alleged chemical attack in syria is a big event of grave concern but the british take it a step further. course we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the assad regime on a large scale. >> 40 people are killed and hundreds wounded after two car explosions ripped through the lebanese city of tripoli. one photographer shows us the many ways in which martin luther king is portrayed across the u.s.. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and all and around the globe. a big event of grave concern, that is how president obama has described the alleged chemical attack outside of damascus earlier this week. the british foreign secretary has said in no uncertain terms that his government leaves that syrian regime attacked its own people. even russia has joined calls for leading you when inspectors investigate. letting you when .nvestigators in >> treating the injured from the alleged chemical attack in the damascus suburbs. adults and children, frantic medical workers. still unverified, but this new footage is from a syrian
tv in prime time continues. watch that interview on c-span2. on the next washington journal look at the cost of college and whether or not an education is worth the money. after that, author and professor clarence on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and modern civil rights challenges. plus your e-mails, phone calls, and tweets. washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. ♪ it goes tout grant and universities every state in the nation. you hear about a breakthrough that happened in cancer research or diabetes research or autism or alzheimer's. it's very likely that frame a university or an institute somewhere in the u.s. and it was supported by the nih. that's what we do. we support the best and brighter to chase after the most visionary ideas. >> host: what did the directors influence on 27-different institute and center. how do you influence what goes on? >> guest: it's a very big place. 27 institute center they are various disease or organs in focus. there's a cancer institute, there's a diabetes institute, there's a heart, lung, and blood institute. there's an
for our senators in washington. emily greenberg is a senior from westport, connecticut, at staples high school. and this young lady does something that i wish i could do. you do the new york times crossword puzzle almost on a daily basis. i do. i can usually manage monday through wednesday or thursday on my own, and i'll usually do friday through the weekend together with my dad. i grew up watching him do the puzzles and then started helping once i got old enough. terrific. good. barrett block is a senior from lexington, kentucky. and he has worked at his father's jewelry store for how many years? oh, about 3, sir. since i was 14. now, and you've already designed your own line of jewelry? yes, sir, i have. this year, my senior year, we were given a 200-hour mentoring project. and i decided to become the apprentice to my father's jeweler. and in the past year, i've worked on designing jewelry. what kind of jewelry? oh, bridal jewelry. oh. yes, sir. the crown collection. uh-oh. the crown collection. all right. yes, sir. he's very proud of that, too, and he should be. okay. you have comman
of psychiatric patients at one-way ticket to california. it is thursday, august 22. 5 p.m. in washington dc. while the obama administration is trying to beat its critics to the punch in the wake of the nsa surveillance scandal, they are coming clean, in a way, anyway. and the ruling that came out in 2011 after the electronic frontier foundation filed a request pretty recently. the court lambasted the nsa for illegally collecting as many as 56,000 e-mails from innocent people each year over three years. then the nsa proceeded to misrepresent the size and scope of that collection. john bates road the 2011 october decision said that the government's revelations regarding the acquisition of internet transactions marks the third instance in less than three years in which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program. the secret is out. instead of reporters beating the piÑata, president obama spilled all the candy on the floor presumably so we will get our sugar fix and move on. is it really that simple? i first asked him how all o
in this. this is putting most of washington aboregon and almost all of hide dough under a red flag warning. because things are so dry, it could ignite fires. over 50 large active fires along the west coast. warmer temperatures do not help with the efforts. boise at 88 degrees once again today. we've got portland at 78. warm temperatures are on the rise in the midwest. the next couple of days, the forecast for the precipitation, at least the south has dried out a little bit. we've got disturbance in the gulf that could cause more rain in this area. a disturbance, not expected to develop into an actual tropical system. we will see in the northern plains, that last front that moved through has a little bit of a stationery boundary. already, the temperatures are starting to return to that very warm point that we have. it's already 80's today. some temperatures going back into the 90's over the weekend. there's that radar, and you can kind of see where this boundary has stalled out. that will be possible thunderstorms. rain yesterday, but the front cleared the region. temperatures are going to
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